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Tango Street Food's 6-Month Milestone: A Journey of Recognition and Gratitude

At Tango Street Food, the last six months have been nothing short of a culinary adventure. We've witnessed tremendous growth, received accolades from esteemed critics and, most importantly, felt the unwavering support of our incredible staff and loyal customers. Today, as we celebrate our six-month milestone, we want to take a moment to reflect on the journey so far and express our heartfelt appreciation.

A Delicious Start

Our adventure began with a simple dream: to bring the vibrant flavours of Argentine street food to the heart of Killarney. We started small but bold, with a passion for crafting mouth-watering dishes that would transport our guests to the bustling streets of Buenos Aires. Little did we know just how far that dream would take us.

A Taste of Success: Awards and Recognition

Over the past six months, Tango Street Food has received not one but two prestigious awards that have left us feeling incredibly humbled and proud.

1. McKenna's Guide, being mentioned in McKenna's Guide is like receiving a golden ticket to the culinary spotlight. We were elated when we learned that our little Argentinean corner of gastronomy had earned a place in this prestigious guide. Their recognition not only validated our efforts but also encouraged us to continue pushing the culinary envelope.

2. Lucinda O'Sullivan's Best places to Eat, praise renowned food critic Lucinda O'Sullivan graced our tables with her presence and we were over the moon to discover that she featured us in her Sunday Independent Life magazine article. Lucinda's words about our pizza and Argentine specialties brought a surge of excitement and gratitude. Being acknowledged by such an esteemed food critic is a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity.

The Heart and Soul of Tango

While awards and recognition are a fantastic validation of our hard work, we know that none of this would be possible without the dedication and passion of our incredible staff. Our head chef, Facundo Rodulfo, and the entire team have poured their hearts into every dish served at Tango. Their creativity, culinary expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence are truly the driving force behind our success.

Our Loyal Customers

Our loyal customers, too, have played an indispensable role in our journey. Your support, feedback, and smiling faces have motivated us every step of the way. We've seen families gathering around our tables, friends sharing laughs over empanadas and couples savouring the romance of Argentine cuisine. Your stories and experiences have brought our restaurant to life.

To our wonderful customers, thank you for your unwavering support and enthusiasm. Your smiles, laughter and positive feedback inspire us every day. You've made Tango Street Food a special place and we're honoured to be part of your dining experiences. Whether you're a regular or someone who's dined with us once, your presence has made these first six months unforgettable.

Looking Ahead

As we continue this incredible journey, we're excited about the road ahead. We'll keep striving for excellence, exploring new flavours and creating unforgettable dining moments. We're excited to continue this flavourful journey with you and to serve up more Argentine delights in the months and years ahead.

Once again, thank you for being part of our Tango family. Your support means the world to us. Here's to many more months of culinary delight and shared moments!

With heartfelt gratitude, Tango family ♥

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