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embers and fire burning

Traditional Argentinian cuts curated by our Irish butcher

Gaucho cooking techniques in a custom built BBQ by Smokin Soul

 The best of both worlds

Choripan being made in the grill


Choripán is a sandwich (hot dog style) made with grilled sausage chorizo and served in ciabatta bread. The name comes from the combination of the words chorizo and pan (Spanish for bread). Add a little of house-made chimichurri and "Buen provecho!"


Parrillada Argentina

Cooked with timber only. Offering the finest cuts, a unique menu curated by our Chef and materialised by our Irish butcher therefore combining our legacy with the best Irish produce. We offer: Tira de Asado (short ribs), Entraña (skirt steak), Morcilla (blood sausage) and Provoleta.


Dry aged Burgers

The key to a great, nutritious beef burger is to use prime-cut meat and natural seasoning for real tastiness. Our handmade beef burgers have real depth of flavour and come from dry-aged, grass fed Irish beef. Add a little bit of fire and some nice Irish potatoes.. magic!

Menu can be altered. There might be specials throughout the year, such as rib eye, t-bone, matambre and more however these are subject to availability.

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