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About us

We are originally from Argentina, where mostly everything happens around a table: from those unforgettable moments with family or friends to the most amazing meals and deep talk "mate" sessions, anything counts! Long story short, food is a big deal for Argentineans and high quality standards are a result of decades of blending the best practices inherited by our ancestors: millions of immigrants coming from Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland and even Ireland (yes, Argentina was the fifth most popular destination for Irish emigrants and the first non-English speaking country).


Ireland is the country we chose to settle and raise our children however we missed our homeland flavours which are not found in the local market.

Tango came to life as a result, at the beginning as a wood fired pizza food truck, a fusion of Argentine & Italian street style.

Chef had previous culinary and management experience in Argentina & Spain and wanted to bring joy to folks in Ireland - our home now.

Ever since our early days we encountered welcoming support from the local community which enabled us to take our humble dream to a whole new level: not only we moved to fixed premises but we also broaden our offering... apart from serving the most amazing pizzas in Killarney (or so we are told!) we also expanded our menu so you can have a taste of what we consider Argentina's best treats: from classic empanadas to unique sweet patisserie items and not to mention our parrilla area as well as our curated menu of coffee and wines.


We proudly prepare everything in-house and we never rely on processed ingredients. All our menu items are made from scratch. Even our pizza dough, which is naturally fermented in cold during a 48-hours process to make that crispy yet airy texture possible.


No shortcuts, just real food: it’s all about turning those raw elements into mouth watering flavours from our homeland, our family legacy and share our passion for food while generating culture awareness and togetherness.


Some of our products are specially acquired from Argentina, Spain or Italy due to their geographic singularity, nevertheless we always try to adapt our recipes so that we can stay true to our traditional approach while valuing locally sourced ingredients as much as possible, not only Ireland has some of the best produce on Earth (from dairy to grass fed beef, you name it) but also because carbon footprint and sustainability is a priority to us. The combination of these elements makes our food unique!


We’re excited to give the Kerry community its very first Argentine food market and bring to The Kingdom a fresh taste of our most beloved treats!

Our Dream?

To offer a tasty, nutritious and gourmet range alternative to current "same old same" offering in the market while bringing joy to Latin Americans living in Ireland as well as generating culture awareness through locally sourced food.

Food bring us together, let's celebrate cultures! 🇦🇷 🇮🇪

Meet the Team

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