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The flavours of our homeland, now available in Kerry ♥

Find in store some of the most popular Argentine sweets including "Alfajores" and many more specialties!

Many of these lovely pastries were inherited from European immigrants in XIX century and these ancient recipes in combination with argentine ingredients like Dulce de Leche (milk caramel), Crema Pastelera (similar to custard), Membrillo (quince jam) and batata (sweet potato) resulted in truly unique flavours.

Nowadays, it has become more and more difficult to find some of these delights since many bakeries have lost the "artisan" touch and moved towards more industrial alternatives (for instance butter has been replaced by margarine).

We produce our sweets in small batches following traditional recipes going through a real hand crafted / artisan process so that we achieve that delightful taste that is so hard to find today due to highly processed foods.

We use only the finest ingredients: some are locally sourced like butter, eggs and milk while others are imported due to their geographic singularity and to ensure we only offer you the best final products.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning we don't use any preservatives or artificial flavourings.

Due to the fresh nature of our pastries and the fact that are artisan made fresh every day, these are limited stock. 
Below, you can visualize some of the items we offer however kindly note that we don't always have the same products available.

We ask you to pick your sweets in person any time during regular business opening hours.

Chocolate Alfies

The preferred sweet in Argentina, now available in Killarney! 

Mouth watering cookie sandwich filled with dulce de leche (milk caramel) and coated in the finest chocolate... a must try if you haven't already 💥

You may buy these per unit or in a nice "take away" gift box 🎁

Fun fact: in Argentina, its inhabitants consume 6 million alfajores per day...!

Alfajor de Maicena

There are so many types of alfies in Argentina, so this one is particularly soft as it is made with cornstarch which makes the cookies as light as a feather.
The cookies are filled with dulce de leche and the final touch is given by the coconut sprinkles. They literally melt in your mouth when you eat them!

Choco Hazelnut alfie

This amazing alfie is a signature creation by our Chef, the cookie is flavoured with Belgian chocolate and filled with Nutella. If you are a chocolate lover, this is a must try!

Custard cream & Berries tart

Shortened pastry base filled with a base of red fruits coulis, custard cream and topped with fresh raspberries.
One of Tango's most popular choices!


If you are into chocolate, this is a MUST try! Indulge yourself with this chewie - mouthwatering piece of art from our Chef. Following traditional recipe with a twist, made with loads of love and the perfect amount of flour, eggs, sugar, butter, walnuts and a mix of milk & dark chocolate from Callebaut. Simply the finest ingredients.

Lemon Meringue.jpg

Lemon Pie

Shortened pastry base filled with delightful lemon curd and topped with italian meringue.
Perfect sweet and sour combination, definitely one of our favourite desserts!


Rogel or "mil hojas" (a thousand sheets) is a classic Argentinian dessert made of crispy pastry layers with lots of glossy dulce de leche (milk caramel) and covered in delicious meringue... Sweet, rustic, decadent - if you have a sweet tooth, this dessert is for you.

Red Fruits Cheesecake

Artisan made... as usual, no shortcuts, the real deal...! Shortcrust, Mascarpone cheese and red berries coulis (depends on availability can be blackberry, strawberry or raspberry... or a mix)
Perfect as dessert or tea time 🍰✨


These soft crescent rolls are regarded as the Argentinian take on traditional French croissants. Even though they are very similar to the French variety, medialunas are slightly smaller and a bit sweeter. They are traditionally eaten for breakfast, ideally accompanied by a cup of strong coffee with milk, or as an afternoon snack served with mate 🧉


Argentine facturas are in between a brioche and a croissant. A rich buttery dough, with many layers, flaky, sweet and soft... they come in all different shapes and sizes and they have the most funniest names as part of the anarchy legacy from immigrants.
Facturas are often filled with dulce de leche (milk caramel), quince paste (dulce de membrillo) or custard (crema pastelera).

Cañoncitos de Dulce de Leche

Same dough than the facturas but in the shape of a large cannoli and filled with the most delightful Dulce de Leche (milk caramel)

Cinnamon Cruffin

A cruffin is a cross between a croissant and a muffin. It takes the texture from the croissant and the shape from the muffin. In this case we bake these with the same dough than medialunas. The result is a flaky and buttery pastry that stays very moist and smell divine. The cinnamon combined with brown sugar gives the cruffins a warm & cosy aroma that fills all your senses... and your belly!


This is one of the Argentine classics that surely hits the right spot if you're a fan of dulce de leche.
Delightful biscuit base with milk caramel topping and covered with belgian chocolate (milk and dark mix)
You may purchase per unit or as a take away gift box 🎁

Pasta Frola de Membrillo

Delicious shortcrust pastry covered with quince jam, following the traditional Argentine recipe.
Ideal as a dessert or to go with tea or coffee.
You will find this in two presentations: individual portion or entire 8 inches pie. Approx 6-8 servings.

Pasta Frola de Batata

Delicious shortcrust pastry covered with sweet potato jam, following the traditional Argentine recipe.
Ideal as a dessert or to go with tea or coffee.
You will find this in two presentations: individual portion or entire 8 inches pie. Approx 6-8 servings.

Torta de Ricota

Silky, creamy and ridiculously yummy! 

As many other Argentine’s recipes, tarta de ricota reflects our strong Italian inheritance and through the many years has become an Argentine staple pie itself which you can find in most bakeries.

Tarta de ricota is not quite the same as the ricotta cake recipes you find in the UK as the ricotta is used as a filling between the dough rather than as part of the dough itself.

If you are craving a creamy and indulgent dessert then this delicious shortcrust pastry filled with ricotta cheese is for you!

Banoffee tart

Individual or large pie

A crumbly base, rows of freshly sliced bananas, a generous blanket of freshly whipped cream, Dulce de Leche (milk caramel) and a dusting of grated chocolate.... It's just THE dessert to make a sweet-toothed someone very happy!

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