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Our Pizza


The four pillars


The science. Every pizza starts with a great flour. We use Italian "00" flour to 80% hydration. Dough is fermented (matured) in cold during 48 hours, then it is weighed and balled and put to rest again to be finally stretched in the moment you place your order. The dough is elastic, stretchy and filled with air bubbles. 


The oven. We cook our pizzas in about one minute at 450º in a real Neapolitan oven. Yes, built brick by brick in Italy specially for us weighing 1,5 tons and fuelled by timber only. No gas, no electricity, no shortcuts.
Slow food, cook fast!


The ingredients. We never compromise on quality. We use only the finest ingredients, due to its specificity some are Italian like Fior di Latte and others are locally sourced like hot honey or blue cheese to give you the best possible taste.


Our technique. We combine the inherited Italian mastering from Neapolitan pizzaioli with our own Argentinian twist, as a result you get a unique pizza with a soft, bubbly, airy dough and at the same time crispy on the outside.

Tango Street Food
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If you are celiac, allergic or intolerant to gluten please note that unfortunately we don't offer gluten free pizzas because we only have one oven and we cannot avoid cross contamination. For more information kindly refer to our allergens info below or get in contact with us.

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