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The first and only Argentine food shop in Killarney - Kerry

Our Empanadas are sublime, winner of an award from Blas Na hÉireann and among the very best in Ireland ☘️

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It is an undisputed fact that Empanadas are the most widespread food across Latin America and it can be extremely versatile: as a snack, a starter or a full meal; ideal as finger food during events, parties or while watching your favourite game.

From the sweet to the savoury, there's no filling that isn't made better when it's wrapped in a delicate, flaky pastry. Therein lies the magic of empanadas.

In Argentina, we grew up eating fresh, homemade empanadas… it is a tradition to have family gatherings with plenty of different flavours on the table to enjoy: beef, chicken, vegetables, sweet corn, bacon & plums, blue cheese, cheese & onions and hundreds more!

At Tango we handcraft the best gourmet empanadas in Ireland to bring joy and share a timeless Argentinian tradition while combining with freshest ingredients from local Kerry farms.

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Empanadas Argentinas

Minced beef 🥟

€ 3.50

Tender dough filled with Kerry farms minced beef, vegetables and spices


Chicken 🥟

€ 3.50

Tender dough filled with chicken, cream and spring onions


Sweet Corn 🌶️

€ 3.50

Tender dough filled with sweet corn, mozzarella cheese and vegetables. Contains chili flakes for a nice spicy flavour !


Nothing less than Argentine favourite savoury treat. The name comes from "empanar" (to "enbread") and it is believed to have been inherited from Spanish though we have them in hundreds of different flavours which also differ depending on the part of the country you are.

In Buenos Aires, the empanada is so important that it has been declared a Cultural Heritage of Food and Gastronomy by the Argentine Ministry of Culture. Try one and you'll find out why!

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