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Exploring Argentinean Wines: A Wine Lover's Guide

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Argentina, a country with a 400-year-old winemaking history, stands as the world's fifth-largest wine producer. This rich heritage guarantees exceptional quality, no matter which Argentinean wine you choose. While Malbec is the most famous, Argentina offers a diverse range of grapes and styles. Let's embark on a journey to discover the world of Argentinean wines, and along the way, we'll explore some fantastic pairing options.

Uco Valley, Mendoza

Starting with Malbec

Malbec dominates Argentina's vineyards, covering 20% of the country's wine-growing areas. Its adaptability makes it a versatile choice.

  • For Lighter Fare: If you prefer light, young reds, explore young Malbecs that haven't seen wood aging. These wines are juicy, medium-bodied, and brimming with fruity flavours. They pair wonderfully with red meats, pasta, and pizza.

  • For Bold Palates: Seek out Malbecs from traditional wine-growing regions like Luján de Cuyo and Maipú in Mendoza. These regions produce voluptuous and intense reds, akin to those from high-altitude vineyards in northern Argentina. They're perfect for those who love bold, robust reds.

  • Complex and Sophisticated: If you seek complexity and sophistication, look to the Uco Valley in Mendoza, Río Negro in Patagonia, and the Pedernal Valley in San Juan. These regions craft Malbecs that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Exploring White Wines

While Argentina is renowned for its reds, it's making waves with its whites.

  • Chardonnay Elegance: High-altitude vineyards produce excellent Chardonnays. Some, grown above 4,000 feet, achieve their best expression thanks to moderate temperatures and ample sunlight. These range from easy-going and refreshing to elegant and refined, much like those from Burgundy or California.

  • Discover Torrontés: Argentinean Torrontés, a native grape, boasts a distinctive floral signature and a fresh, flavourful palate. It pairs traditionally with beef empanadas but also complements spicy cuisines like Mexican and Thai.

Cafayate, Salta

Classic Argentinean Blends

Argentina offers a rich history of producing assemblage blends of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. These wines, often finished with Merlot or Cabernet Franc, undergo oak aging for at least a year, enhancing their complexity and refinement. Ideal for lovers of Bordeaux and Rioja wines.

Trendsetting Varietals

For those seeking something different, Argentine Cabernet Franc is captivating palates. High-altitude terroirs, especially in the cooler regions of the Uco Valley in Mendoza, produce wines reminiscent of Saint Emilion. These wines, with their potential and uniqueness, are perfect for impressing wine enthusiasts.

Rosé from the Andes

Argentina has begun producing excellent rosé wines, perfect for those who appreciate the aromas and flavours of Provence. Made from Malbec, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Grenache, or Tempranillo, these rosés offer more volume than their European counterparts. Pair them with pasta, chicken wings, burritos, salads, and seafood.

A World of Wine Trends

Argentina mirrors the most significant trends in the global wine industry. From wines made with indigenous grapes like Criollas to century-old vines, Orange Wines, and Pet Nats, the country has it all. Organic and biodynamic wines also have a significant presence, highlighting Argentina's commitment to sustainable winemaking.

Pairing Pleasures

Now, let's explore some delectable pairing options:

  • Malbec with Grilled Steak: The rich, fruity flavours of Malbec complement the succulence of a perfectly grilled steak. It's an Argentinean classic.

  • Chardonnay with Seafood: Crisp and refreshing Chardonnays make an excellent match for seafood dishes, from grilled fish to creamy seafood pasta.

  • Torrontés with Spicy Cuisine: The vibrant and fresh palate of this white wine pairs wonderfully with spicy foods, be it Mexican, Thai, or Indian cuisine.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon with Aged Cheese: Cabernet Sauvignon's boldness complements the richness of aged cheeses, creating a harmonious pairing.

  • Cabernet Franc with Roasted Vegetables: The nuanced flavours of Cabernet Franc accentuate the earthy notes of roasted vegetables, making for a delightful vegetarian pairing.

  • Rosé with Picnics: Enjoy the volume and versatility of Argentinean rosé wines with a picnic spread, from pasta salads to chicken wings.

  • Bonarda with Savory Italian Dishes: Its luscious and fruity profile harmonizes with the flavours of classic Italian cuisine, enhancing the taste of pasta, pizza, and hearty tomato-based sauces.

Whether you're a novice wine drinker, a budding connoisseur, or an experienced aficionado, Argentina offers a diverse world of wines to explore and share with loved ones. Curious yet? Dive into the Argentinean wine scene and savour the flavours of this South American gem.

Indulge your senses in an exquisite journey of flavours at our restaurant in Killarney. We invite you to savour the rich and diverse world of Argentinean wines, a delightful addition to our carefully curated wine selection. Whether you're a wine enthusiast or simply looking to elevate your dining experience, our Argentinean wines promise to transport your palate to the sun-kissed vineyards of Argentina. Join us and discover the perfect pairing for your meal while immersing yourself in the passion and tradition of Argentinean winemaking.

Cheers to memorable moments and unforgettable tastes!

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