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A Taste of Argentina at Electric Picnic: Our Sizzling Debut!

What an incredible first experience to #ElectricPicnic!! Bringing Argentinean BBQ to Ireland was a dream come true.

Picture this: A sunny day in Ireland, music filling the air and the irresistible aroma of sizzling meat wafting through the festival grounds. That's the scene we brought to life at Electric Picnic, and it was nothing short of magical.

We showcased the Argentinean Gaucho-style cooking technique (known as parrillada), and it was an absolute hit!

Introducing something entirely unique to the Irish food scene is an incredible privilege. While we can't claim credit for these exquisite dishes deeply rooted in Argentinean cuisine, we're proud to be the pioneers introducing some of these delights to Ireland, and that's a significant accomplishment we cherish! The WOW factor is simply priceless!

Our demo featured the finest Irish grass-fed beef , including mouthwatering cuts like Asado/Short Ribs, Entraña/Skirt Steak, and Matambre a la pizza. Now, you may wonder about that last one – Matambre a la pizza. There's no easy translation, but as John and Sally put it, it's like "off-cut meat dough smoked pizza" . Intriguing, right?

But it wasn't just about the meat. We also prepared the delicious Provoleta, provolone cheese cooked in a pan on the grill. If you look carefully at the photos, you might spot Jim, from Smokin Soul, claiming ownership of one of these cheesy delights. Rumour has it, he didn't share!

Our mission is simple: to bring joy to all foodie lovers and share a taste of our favourite homeland flavours. And judging by the smiles on festival-goers' faces, we'd say mission accomplished!

As we pack up our grills and memories from Electric Picnic, we can't help but look forward to future adventures and opportunities to share the flavours of Argentina with the world. Until then, keep savouring the taste of adventure and the thrill of discovery – because that's what our Argentinean BBQ is all about.

A massive shoutout to @samuelcolvillemckenna with Theatre of Food and @mckennasguides for making it happen! and to Pat and Jim from for their grill-tastic collaboration and unwavering support since day one. Their expertise and passion for the grill added that extra sizzle to our Argentinean BBQ.

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